Search Tokens for Container Security

You can build search queries to fetch relevant data from Qualys databases. The set of rules and the syntax that govern this search mechanism is called Qualys Query Language (QQL). A query comprises a search token, an operator, and a valid value. Use your search tokens as building blocks to form queries. You can use a single token to create a simple query or combine multiple tokens to form complex queries. Start typing your query in the Search bar and the auto-suggest feature lists down all the possible tokens that you can use.

The following topics contain the search tokens available in Container Security and their usage guidelines. Click a topic link below to view the tokens available on the corresponding tab:

Searching for Containers

Searching for Images

Searching for Sensors

Searching for Vulnerabilities

Searching for Compliance Controls

Searching for Software

Searching for Hosts

Searching for Hosts in Containers/Images

Searching for Registries

Searching for Repositories

Searching for Schedules

Searching for Reports

Searching for Events

Searching for Runtime Policies

Searching for Sensor Profiles

Click here to view a list of sortable tokens.

Qualys Query Language

Qualys Query Language (QQL) is the easiest and the most powerful tool to search and access data from the Qualys databases. Create QQL queries for quicker and smarter data search about various aspects of Container Security.

To know how to form QQL queries, refer to these quick links to the Help topics in our QQL documentation.

I’m new to QQL, tell me the basics:

User Interface Elements | Components of QQL Query | QQL Syntax | Examples

I know the basics, tell me more:

QQL Best Practices | Maximum Query Depth