View Software in CSAM

The Inventory > Software tab gives an overview of the software on the assets in your organization, such as software license, platform, lifecycle-related information, end of life details of a software, authorized/unauthorized software, etc.


(1) Search for software using a Qualys Query Language (QQL) query for a specific timeframe. For more information, see Qualys Query Language. Note: For all the date-related tokens, the date search is evaluated only for UTC format. The actual search results might show you the date as per your time zone.  

(2) View bar charts for top software categories and software publishers. For more information on the categories, see the Usage Guide - Software in the Appendix.

(3) View the summary of different software attributes with count in the left pane. Click count of software to view the list of software.

- License: Gives the summary of the license types with number of software.

- Platform: Gives the summary of the software platform with number of software.

- Lifecycle: Gives the summary of the software lifecycle with number of software.

- End of life: Gives the summary of the software end of life with number of software. This information helps to identify software requiring upgrade.

- Authorization: Gives summary of software authorization (authorized/unauthorized/needs review) with number of software.

(4) You can add a particular software to an authorization rule and view the authorization rule associated with the software.

To add a software to the authorization rule, click Add To Authorization Rule from the Quick Actions menu.

Add to authorization rule

If the software doesn't have any update, you'll see only one radio button - "Entire Product" and it is auto-selected.

Select Authorization from the drop down list, choose existing rule or create new rule in which selected software will be added. Click Save.

Note: If you select Authorization as 'Authorized', you'll be able to mark that software as "Required" using Mark as Required radio button. This software will be required to install on the asset, otherwise it will be flagged as 'missing required software' for the selected asset.

For more information, refer Track Authorized/Unauthorized Software.

(5) A) Click View Install List from the Quick Actions menu. It will be redirected to the Installation Details page to view your software installation details.

The number of columns displayed in the above screen will change if you list software using the “Group by” and "Type" filter. You can filter software by clicking the checkbox – Application, Unknown, and All, as shown in the screenshot below.

Click on the individual asset to view the Asset Details page. Click the Download icon to download a report in available download formats (CSV, HTML, XML) for a list of assets that contains asset and software attributes from the following list:

Asset attributes: Asset ID, Asset Name, Criticality Score, MAC Address, IP Address, BIOS Serial Number, Operating System, Operating System Category, Hardware, and Hardware Category

Software attributes: Software Name, Software Release, Install Date, Install Path, License Category, License Sub-Category, Lifecycle Stage, Lifecycle GA Date, Lifecycle EOL Date, Lifecycle EOS Date, Lifecycle EOL Support Stage, and Lifecycle EOS Support Stage

B) Click the Download Install List under the Quick Actions menu to download the asset list where a particular software is installed.

Select the timezone from the drop-down list to use it in report for the dates and choose available download formats (CSV, HTML, XML). Click Download button.

Download Format

Click Create a Report link to create software details report.

(6) Click count from the Installations column to navigate to Assets tab to view the asset list where the particular software is installed as shown in the screenshot below.

Software Details