Monitor Assets

Get up-to-date views on a selected asset's details, events, and incidents. The Assets page lists the criticality score, anti-malware profile, status, and tags. You can download asset information such as HostNameIP AddressesAgent VersionCriticality ScoreModulesOSLast Logged-In UserTags, and AV Status using the Download icon Download Button The data is downloaded in CSV format on your local system. The following screenshot is an example of the Download Format window when you click the download icon:

Download button in Assets tab

If you are on a previous agent version, update the version from the Cloud Agent application. From the Configuration Profiles tab, edit the existing profile or while creating a new profile, clear the Prevent auto-updating of the agent binaries option.

The following screenshot is an example that shows the Prevent auto-updating of the agent binaries option being cleared:
Prevent auto-updating of the agent binaries.

On the Assets page, you can perform the following actions using the Quick Actions menu:

The following example screenshot displays the Assets page with the Quick Actions menu:

Quick Actions menu in the Assets tab.