Create and Assign Tags

Creating asset tags using Global IT Asset Inventory application to associate EDR assets with a CA configuration profile enabled for EDR. You can avoid assigning configurations manually to each asset by adding asset tags to the required CA configuration profiles.

In this section we have covered the following:

Create Tags

Perform the following steps to create tags:

  1. Select Manage Tags from the EDR Welcome Page to create tags.
    manage Tags.
  2. Click Create Tags to add tags for your EDR assets. You can mirror your production configuration by using a single tag or multiple tags.
    Global Asset Inventory window to create tags.

Add Tags

Perform the following steps to add tags:

  1. To add the created tags to assets, go the Cloud Agent application.
  2. From the Agent Management, click Agents
  3. Hover the mouse on any of the assets to view the Quick Actions menu.
  4. Click Add Tags.
    Add tags
  5. In the Add Tags window, click Select or Create. The following screenshot is an example of selecting tags: