OnDemand Scan

The OnDemand scan can be performed immediately without waiting for the next scheduled scan. Users with the Cloud Agent Manager role can run the OnDemand Scan. This section covers the following:

OnDemand Scan Commands via Qualys User Interface Tool

Run the following commands to trigger the OnDemand scan via the Qualys User Interface Tool:

Scan Options Examples

Custom Scan Recommendations

If using wildcards for custom scans, we recommend the following:

OnDemand Scan User-Interface Settings

The OnDemand Scan, scans the file system and memory for malware and other threats and takes remediation actions. You can configure the OnDemand Scan Settings from the EDR application.

Perform the following steps in the EDR application to configure the OnDemand Scan:

  1. Go to the Configuration tab.
  2. Click New Anti-malware Profile.
  3. In the Create New: Anti-malware Profile, provide the inputs for the mandatory fields.
    The OnDemand Scan is Step 4 in the Create Anti-malware Profile process. 
  4. Enable the OnDemand Scan toggle. Select the Action, Scan, and Others fields per your network infrastructure. 

    The following screenshot is an example of the OnDemand Scan user-interface settings:

    OnDemand Scan Settings in the EDR application.
  5. After providing all the inputs in each step, in the Review and Confirm step, review all the configuration settings and click Create Anti-malware Profile.