Content Control

From the Content Control option, you can allow or block the website or applications that users can access. The Content Control option helps you define your organization's policies towards data protection.  

Content Control is compatible with Windows 5.5 Agent and Mac 1.0.2 Agent.

Enable Content Control and select any of the following options in the Content Control

  • Web Access Control- Select the Web Access Control option and choose the category that lists the Allowed or Blocked websites. 
    • Aggressive- This option allows websites related to business, education, government, news, search engines, tabloids, and web mail. 
    • Normal- This option blocks the websites related to online gaming, dating, shopping. Selecting this option also blocks the users to visit religious, social networks, mature content or any life style based websites.
    • Permissive- To block websites related to mature content use select this option. 
    • Custom- Use this option to select the type of websites that you want to allow or restrict users to visit. 
  • Notify Users- This option notifies the user when a restricted website or application is visited. 
  • Block Application- Enter the application name or the absolute path of the application to block the applications.

    The following screenshot is an example of the Content Control step that has Aggressive type of content control and `firefox.exe` application blocked:

    Content Control window.

To allow or block a specific website you can perform this action in the Exclusions step. For example, if you want to block all the online shopping websites except for You can add an exclusion for For more information, refer to Exclusions Support.

After you provide information in the Content Control, click Next to proceed to the eighth step - Assets