Creating a New Action

Create a new action to define a mode of communication such as Email, PagerDuty or Post to Slack that FIM will use to send the alert messages. To create an action, go to Responses > Actions and then click New Action.

New Action button on the Actions list page tab under Actions tab.

Provide required details in the respective sections to create a new action:

- In the Basic Information section, provide a name and description of the action in the Action name and Description fields respectively. Select an action to specify FIM to send alert messages by either Email (Via Qualys)/Send Email (Your SMTP), Post to Slack or Send to Pager Duty. For the selected action, provide default message settings.

a) Select "Send Email (Via Qualys)"/"Send Email (Your SMTP)" to send email alerts. Specify the recipients’ email ID who will receive the alerts, subject of the alert message and the customized alert message. Note that based on the configuration settings you will see either of the two options.

b) Select “Send to PagerDuty” to send alerts to your PagerDuty account. Provide the service key that FIM will require to connect to your PagerDuty account. In Default Message Settings, specify the subject and the customized alert message.

c) Select “Post to Slack” to post alert messages to your Slack account. Provide the Webhook URI that FIM will use to connect to your slack account to post alert messages. In Default Message Settings, specify the subject of the alert message and the customized alert message.

NewCreate New Action screen.

Manage Actions

View the newly created actions in the Actions tab with the details such as name of the action, type of the action, the number of rules for which this action is chosen are active or inactive and the user who created the rule. You can use the Actions menu or Quick Actions menu to view, edit, delete actions and save an existing action along with its configuration to create a new action with a new name. Use the search bar to search for actions using the search tokens.

Note that you can delete an action only if it is not associated with any active or disabled rules.

Quick Actions menu options for rule actions on the Actions tab under Rules tab.

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