Customizable Dynamic Dashboard

You can create multiple dashboards and switch between them. Each dashboard has a collection of widgets showing event data of interest. And your dashboards/widgets are updated in real-time.

We have integrated Unified Dashboard (UD) with FIM. UD brings information from all Qualys applications into a single place for visualization. UD provides a powerful new dashboarding framework along with platform service that will be consumed and used by all other products to enhance the existing dashboard capabilities.

You can use the default FIM dashboard provided by Qualys or easily configure widgets to pull information from other modules/applications and add them to your dashboard. You can also add as many dashboards as you like to customize your application view.

You have a FIM Overview Dashboard that provides a unified view of your FIM entities like Events and Incidents. 

You can make your FIM Overview Dashboard the default dashboard by selecting Set as Default from the Quick Actions menu.


For information on creating widgets, dashboards, templates, and more, refer to the Unified Dashboard online help.

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