Release 4.0

April 3, 2024

What's New?

Scan Based Assets

With this release, we introduced Scan Based Assets. 
Scan Based Assets are the assets on which Qualys Agent is not supported, however, you can monitor them remotely with Qualys Scanner. 

Scan Based Assets broadens the coverage to include a wide range of assets by extending the support to the assets on which the installation of a QA agent is not possible.

• Enable Vulnerability Management and Global Asset View. In addition, ensure that the migration from the Asset View to the Global Asset View must be done.
• Configure a Schedule scan with the Options Profile and the target assets.
• Ensure the Minimum Vulnerability Signature required is VULNSIGS-2.5.991-2.
To view Scan Based Assets you can navigate to Assets > Scan Based Assets.

New Token

With this release, we added a new token.

Token Description Example


Use this token to filter assets based on the asset type.

To view scan based assets, use the query:


To view real-time assets, use the query:

not(scanBasedAsset): true

API Enhancement: Added Validations to Import Profile from CSV API

With this release, we have added validations to import profiles from CSV API.
For detailed information on API, refer to API Release Notes.

Issues Addressed

• We have fixed the issue of incorrect counts being displayed. Now you can see the counts of incidents matching the QQL, therefore, on clicking the incident count, you will go to the All Incidents tab instead of the My Incidents tab.
• We have fixed the issue of incorrect event counts for ‘File’ events when there were over 10k events generated at the same time and date. Now the Count on UI and the generated report are the same.
• We have updated the FIM Online help to explain why some incidents cannot be deleted despite the Delete Incident option being available. To learn more about deleting incidents, refer to FIM Online help.