Qualys Cloud Agent for VMware Tanzu

Version 1.2.2

April 04, 2024

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The Qualys Cloud Agent for VMware Tanzu tile aims to deploy the Qualys Cloud Agent on all the (ubuntu stemcell-based) VMs spun up in the VMware Tanzu environment. With Qualys Cloud Agent deployed in your VMs, you can receive continuous network security updates through the cloud. As soon as changes are discovered on your hosts, they are assessed, and you know about your hosts' security posture and vulnerabilities on Qualys Platform UI.

Key Features

Qualys Cloud Agent for VMware Tanzu includes the following key features:

  • Qualys Cloud Agent installation on all Ubuntu stemcell-based VMs in the VMware Tanzu environment. Qualys Cloud Agent tile is supported for TAS as well as TKGI environment.
  • Qualys Cloud Agent from all Qualys Cloud Platforms is bundled in the tile, and a particular Qualys Cloud Agent gets installed per user-configured inputs.
  • Private Cloud Platform (PCP) support is added by providing a custom download link. If you are using PCP, host the cloud agent at a network-accessible location inside your environment and use that URL in the download URL field on the tile form during installation.
  • Using Qualys Cloud Agent, you can get continuous network security updates of the VMs through the cloud. As soon as changes are discovered on your VMs, they will be assessed, and you will know about new security threats and vulnerabilities on your host.

Product Snapshot

The following table provides version and version-support information about Qualys Cloud Agent for VMware Tanzu.



Tile version


Release date

04 April 2024

Software component version


Compatible Ops Manager version(s)

v2.6.x, v2.7.x, v2.8.x, v2.9.x,v2.10.x or v3.0.x

Compatible Tanzu Application Service version(s)

v2.7.x, v2.8.x, v2.9.x, v2.10.x, v2.11.x, v2.12.x, v2.13.x, v3.0.x, v4.0.x or v5.0.x

Compatible Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated version(s)

v1.8.x, v1.9.x, v1.10.x, v1.11.x, v1.12.x,v1.13.x or v1.14.x

BOSH stemcell version

Ubuntu Jammy and Ubuntu Xenial

IaaS support

AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenStack, and vSphere


Qualys Cloud Agent for VMware Tanzu has the following requirements:

  •  A valid Qualys subscription for Qualys Cloud Agent is required.
  • If you are using a Private Cloud Platform (PCP), you need to host the cloud agent.
  • All the target VMs where the Qualys Cloud Agent is running must have an outbound connection to Qualys Cloud Platforms directly or through proxy.


Qualys Cloud Agent for VMware Tanzu has the following limitations:

  • Only Ubuntu VMs are supported.
  • Uninstalling the tile does not cleanly remove the cloud agent, and hence, during installation, the existing qualys-cloud-agent package is removed first, irrespective of it being installed earlier. Then, the configured Debian package is installed.


If you have a feature request, questions, or information about an issue, contact Qualys Support.