Viewing Patch Details

From the Patches tab, click the Windows, Linux, and Mac tabs to see the respective patch details, such as Patch title, Patch Category, Vendor Severity, Patch Status, etc.

Example: The screen capture that shows the Windows Patches.


1) The Reboot Maybe Required  Reboot Maybe Required Icon  icon indicates that a system reboot may be required after this patch is deployed on your assets. To know more about the Reboot Maybe Required, refer to the For which type of patches a system reboot is required after the patch deployment? question from Frequently Asked Questions

2) From the Quick Actions Menu, you can view the details on an individual patch by clicking View Details. 

Viewing Details of an Individual Patch

When you select an individual Windows, Linux, or Mac patch and click View Details from the Quick Actions menu, you can see the details of that particular patch. On the View Details page, you can see the following details:

Basic Information

You can see the last known information about the patch. As highlighted in the screen captures, you can see multiple tiles that show the details, such as:

-  The number of assets the patch is missing on
-  The number of assets on which the patch is installed
-  The applications affected due to that patch
-  The number of patches superseded due to the patch
-  The number of superseding patches for that patch
-  Vulnerabilities resolved due to that patch  

Also, you can see Patch Information and Identification. As highlighted in the Patch Information section of the screen capture, the reboot requirement for the patch is specified. Apart from that, values for Download Method and Qualys Patchable are shown based on whether it's a vendor patch or Qualys patch.

Patch Basic Information

Affected Applications

You can see the applications that are affected due to the selected patch. 

Patch Details Affected Applications

Superseded by Patches

You can see patches that supersede the current patch. For example, in the case of the application patches, you can see patches with higher versions than the current patch.  

Patch Details Superseded by Patches


You can see the superseding patches of the current patch. For example, in the case of the application patches, you can see patches with lower versions of the current patch. 

Patch Details Supersedes

Resolved Vulnerabilities

You can see vulnerabilities resolved due to the selected patch. 

Patch Details Resolved Vulnerabilities


You can see the list of assets on which the patch is either installed or missing. You can use filters to identify the installed and missing patches on those assets.

Patch Details Assets