Manage Custom Policies

You can perform following activities on user-defined policies:

Editing existing user-defined policies

Deleting a user-defined policy

Viewing details of a policy

Re-evaluating a policy

Note: Editing and deleting options are only allowed for user-defined (custom) policies.

Editing existing user-defined policies

You can add new controls or remove existing controls using the Edit option on an existing policy.

To edit a policy:

1) On the Policy Tab, select an existing policy, go to Actions > Edit.


2) On the Edit Policy page, you can:

- Add the description for editing in the Description field

- Add controls

To add a new control, click the + icon.

- Remove controls

To remove a control, select the control and click Remove Selected.

Edit a policy

3) Click Edit.

The edited policies are saved and listed on the Policy page under Policy Tab.

Deleting a user-defined policy

To delete a custom policy, select an existing policy, go to Actions > Delete.

Delete a custom policy

Viewing details of a policy

To view details of a policy, refer Viewing details of a policy.

Re-evaluating a policy

To re-evaluate controls of a policy, refer Re-evaluating a policy.

If the Re-evaluate button is disabled, refer Connector Warnings.