Qualys Scanners Appliance

Qualys Scanner Appliances are designed for network-based scanning of any infrastructure size. They empower organizations to proactively detect and address security vulnerabilities, comply with industry regulations, and enhance their overall cybersecurity posture.

Key Features 

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Continuous scanning and monitoring of networked assets to identify vulnerabilities and security risks.

  • Internal Scanning

    Assess the security of internal systems, including those not directly accessible from the internet, to ensure comprehensive coverage.

  • Remote and Distributed Deployment

    Deploy as physical or virtual appliances in various network environments, including remote and distributed locations, data centers, and public clouds. To know details on Supported Virtual platforms, refer to the  Supported Virtualization Platforms

  • High Performance

    Deliveres fast and efficient scanning capabilities to accommodate large-scale networks and minimize disruption to business operations.

  • Integration with Qualys Cloud Platform

    Seamless integration with the Qualys Cloud Platform for centralized management, reporting, and analysis of scan results.

  • Automatic Updates

    Ensures that scanner appliances are regularly updated with the latest vulnerability signatures, security checks, and patches to maintain effectiveness against emerging threats.

  • Scalability

    Organizations can deploy multiple scanner appliances for large and complex network infrastructures with a scalable architecture.

  • Customizable Scan Policies

    Administrators can customize security scan policies based on compliance standards and organizational requirements..

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Generating comprehensive reports on scan results, vulnerabilities, remediation recommendations, and compliance to support decision-making and auditing requirements.

  • Use Cases

    This is a suitable solution for organizations that have large network infrastructure or need to comply with regulatory requirements that require internal scanning.

Know When Scanner Replacement is Needed

You should replace the scanner if any of the following conditions occur.

  • There is a new feature that is only available in the new version.
  • The image in use is End Of Service (EOS) or soon going to be EOS.
  • There is a security risk, and a patch cannot be done via the Autoupdate channel.

    There will be an advance announcement if the image is going EOS or already EOS, and regarding the patch, that cannot be done through the Autoupdate channel.

  • New images are released that include all recent software updates, security patches, and new features. This allows a scanner to start with the latest software out of the box when a new VM is instantiated.

    For existing VMs, we have AUTOUPDATE system that takes care of the important updates required for scanner functionalities and security.

  • Only latest version is expected to be used for a new Scanner VM.

    It is possible to use previous versions of VMs as long as there is a continuous connection with the Qualys platform to keep Scanners up-to-date.

Additional Resources

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