Release 1.12

April 26, 2024

What's New?

Added My Scoped Vulnerabilities Filter

The My Scoped Vulnerabilities filter is available only for the Vulnerability Management application. The filter provides the list of assets tagged for a specific vulnerability from the Roles and Scopes section of the Qualys Administration application. You can view or edit the Roles and Scopes from the existing user or create a new user from the Qualys Administration application. 

The My Scoped Vulnerabilities filter does not support the TruRisk Score widget and the Average Function Type of the Numerical widget. 

The following screenshot displays the My Scoped Vulnerabilities for Windows in Bar widget: 

Enhancement in User Permissions

Initially, if the logged-in sub-users did not have the UD application enabled, they would get an Unauthorized Access error while accessing dashboards for any Qualys application.

Now, to access all the options in the Unified Dashboard application and Dashboard of any Qualys applications, the Manager user role should assign the Unified Dashboard Application Access permission to the sub-users from the Administration application.

Sub-user roles are the custom roles created by the user or the Scanner, Unit Manager, and Reader roles. Scanner, Unit Manager, and Reader roles have the Unified Dashboard Application Access by default.

Following is the screenshot of the Unified Dashboard Application Access option in the Administration application:

For more information about assigning dashboard permissions, refer to the Dashboard Permissions in the UD Online Help.