Supported Private Keys / Certificates (for Unix auth)

Our service supports the types of SSH keys and certificates listed below for Unix authentication. All of the private keys can either be unencrypted or encrypted with a passphrase.

Supported SSH Private keys

PEM-encoded RSA private key

PEM-encoded DSA private key

PEM-encoded ECDSA private key

OpenSSH-encoded RSA private key

OpenSSH-encoded DSA private key

OpenSSH-encoded ECDSA private key

OpenSSH-encoded EDDSA (currently only ED25519) private key

Private key validation

OpenSSH private keys

PEM-encoded private keys

Supported Certificates

PEM-encoded X.509 certificate using RSA

PEM-encoded X.509 certificate using DSA

PEM-encoded X.509 certificate using ECDSA

OpenSSH certificate using RSA

OpenSSH certificate using DSA

OpenSSH certificate using ECDSA

OpenSSH certificate using EDDSA (currently only ED25519)

Certificate validation

OpenSSH certificates

PEM-encoded X.509 certificates