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Launch maps to discover your network devices and report comprehensive information about them. After discovering live devices on your network you can add them to your account and start scanning them for vulnerabilities.


Have you thought about which network domains you want to map and which options you want to use? We can help you sort this out quickly - review the basics for some ideas.

Mapping - The Basics


It's simple to start your map. Go to Scans > Maps > New > Map (or Schedule Map), and tell us:

1) which domains and/or IPs to map,

2) which map options to use, and

3) which scanner is right for the job (if you have scanner appliances that is).

Option profiles include map configuration settings. Choose an option profile from the Option Profile menu. A default option profile is provided and is recommended to get started.

For mapping IPs/ranges without a domain, be sure to enable the map option "Perform live host sweep" in the option profile applied to the task.

For network discovery on your perimeter, you'll use our cloud scanners. Select External from the Scanner Appliance menu.

For mapping your internal network, you'll need to use a scanner appliance. Select an appliance by name to use a single appliance for all map targets. If you're mapping asset groups, you can select Default to use the default scanner defined in each asset group being mapped.

Tell me more about the Default optionTell me more about the Default option

You can add scanner appliances to your asset groups and then pick one appliance to be the default for each asset group. When mapping the group, select the Default scanner appliance option to use the default scanner automatically for the targets in the group. Learn more

I don't see the Scanner Appliance menuI don't see the Scanner Appliance menu

This means that you don't have scanner appliances in your account. You can only perform discovery on your perimeter and our cloud scanners will be used.

You may specify any combination of asset groups, domains and IPs/ranges for your map target. Enter asset groups in the Asset Groups field, and enter domains and IPs in the Domains/Netblocks field.

When multiple targets are entered, we'll create a separate map report for each target. That means we'll create a separate map for each domain plus a map for any IPs entered. These maps will run sequentially - one at a time - and each map will use a single scanner appliance.


When the map status shows Finished, select View from the Quick Actions menu to see the full results in an HTML report.

Learn more about map results


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