Tell me about Compliance Scorecard Reports

Launch the Compliance Scorecard Report to report on compliance evaluation data for multiple policies across different environments.

Run option on Quick Actions menu for Compliance Scorecard Report

Report Source

You can select up to 20 policies and up to 10 asset groups or asset tags for your report. Your report will only include compliance evaluation data for hosts that match both of your selections. That means a host must match at least one of the policies and at least one of the asset groups/tags to be included in the report.

Why aren't all of my compliance policies listed?Why aren't all of my compliance policies listed?

A policy is listed only if it has compliance evaluation data, meaning that at least one control in the policy has been evaluated on a host in the policy.

Report Samples

Here's a quick look at key sections in the Compliance Scorecard Report.

Report Summary

Compliance by Policy

Top 10 Hosts with changes

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