Configure Your Network

You'll need to give your network a friendly name and assign it one or more scanner appliances.

How do I create a new network?

Go to Assets > Networks > New > Network.

Don't see the Networks tab? That means Network Support has not been enabled for your account. Please contact Support or your Account Manager if you're interested in this feature.

Tell me about assigning scanner appliances

- The scanner appliances you assign to the network will be used to scan the IP addresses in the network.

- Each scanner appliance can be included in only one network. That means when you add a scanner appliance to a network, it will be removed from its previous network and any asset groups that it belonged to.

- Be sure the scanner appliances you add to the network will be able to phone home to the Qualys Cloud Platform and can access the IP addresses that you will be scanning.

Go here to learn more about scanner appliances, including how to add and configure them.

I saved my network. What's next?

You're ready to start scanning your network. All IPs in your account are available for scanning.

We recommend you associate assets with your network. Simply create asset groups and associate each asset group with 1 network. Once you save an asset group, you will not be able to change its network.

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