Scan Privileges for Infoblox NIOS Technology

For scanning and fetching Infoblox DNS, Grid settings, you require an admin account with Superuser privileges, which can fetch all the configurations. APIs such as listing auth policies require Superuser privilege, so ensure you have superuser privilege.

Note: Superusers privilege have access to all the settings in the Infoblox environment.

What are the steps?

Follow these steps to create a scan user with minimal/read-only scan privileges

  1. Go to Infoblox Manager UI ( https://<Infoblox-IP>/ui)
  2. Login with Admin account
  3. Go to Administration Tab > Administors tab > Groups tab
  4.  Create a new group, click + sign 

    Screenshot showing the sequence to create a scan user.

    A window opens. Add a group name in the Name field,
    for example: qualysscangroup

    Adding a group name in the name field.
  5. Go to the Role tab and select  Superusers checkbox. Click Save and  Close.

    Selecting the Superusers from the Roles tab.
  6. Go to the Admin tab and click + icon
    A new window opens. Enter the Login Credentials with a password.

    Entering the login credentials.
  7.  Scroll down the above window to select the Admin Group created in Step 4.

  8. Click Save and Close.


You can now create an Infoblox PC authenticated scan record. For more information, see  Create/Edit Infoblox Record.