Data List Setup

The Data List Setup setting can be enabled when there are too many remediation tickets to display, and it takes a long time to load. Manage users can enable Data List Setup in Users > Setup to speed up remediation ticket loading. When this setting is enabled, tickets are not displayed by default; instead, they get filtered according to your search criteria. 

To view the tickets based on your search criteria, follow the section

  1. Configure Data List Setup

  2. View Tickets based on Your Search Criteria  

Configure Data List Setup

To configure Data List Setup follow these steps:

1. Go to Users > Setup > Data  List Setup.

The Data List Setup window is displayed.

2. Select the Tickets list check box under Remediation and click Save.

View Tickets based on Your Search Criteria 

To view tickets based on your search criteria:

1. Go to Remediation > Tickets.

The empty Ticket list is displayed. Now, you can perform a search to display tickets based on your requirement.

2. Click Search.

3. Specify your criteria and click Search. 

The ticket list is displayed as per the search criteria.

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