Your Most Prevalent Vulnerabilities Scorecard Report

This report identifies vulnerabilities with the highest number of detected instances.

Which vulnerabilities are included?

All confirmed vulnerabilities (QIDs) with severities 5, 4 and 3 are included by default. You have the option to select search lists as filters in the report template (in the Filter settings). If search lists are selected, then a custom set of QIDs is included.

Tell me about the results

The most prevalent vulnerabilities are listed by rank with the number and percentage of hosts currently affected by the vulnerability. The vulnerability that affects the largest number of hosts is listed as #1. By default, the report includes confirmed vulnerabilities with severity level 3 and higher. Edit the scorecard report template to add potential vulnerabilities, include different severity levels, or increase the number of rows displayed.

Why don't I see CVSS scores?

CVSS scores are displayed only when the CVSS Scoring feature is enabled for the subscription. Managers enable the CVSS Scoring feature for the subscription by going to Reports > Setup > CVSS.


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