Add a New Offline Scanner Appliance

Configure and activate your offline scanner appliance in just 3 easy steps. You can check out our Offline Scanner User Guide to get complete details. A Manager can complete these steps.

1) start the wizard within the user interface - go to Scans > Appliances and select New > Offline Scanner Appliance (you'll get a personalization code for your appliance),

2) complete the configuration using the appliance console (you'll enter the personalization code), and

3) verify activation is successful (you're done once you see the friendly name and IP address).

Troubleshooting tips

Need the personalization code?Need the personalization code?

Each appliance has a unique personalization code and you'll need this code to configure and activate your offline scanner. You should have gotten the personalization code as you walked through the wizard. If you don't remember the code, go to Scans > Appliances and choose Info from the Quick Actions menu. The code is shown under General Information.

Be sure to verify activation is successfulBe sure to verify activation is successful

Your appliance needs to make a connection to our cloud platform. You'll see the friendly name and IP address when the activation is complete. It may take a few minutes for the appliance activation to occur.

What's next?

Is my appliance ready for scanning?Is my appliance ready for scanning?

Your appliance must be connected to our cloud platform. Go to the appliances list (Scans > Appliances) and check your appliance status. You'll see Green scanner connected iconnext to your appliance when it is ready to process scans.

Important: If your appliance isn't connected, you'll need to troubleshoot the issue before you can start scanning.

Sync option profiles to your offline scannerSync option profiles to your offline scanner

Go to Scans > Option Profiles, edit the option profile you want to use for offline scanning and select "Make this option profile available to all offline scanners." The option profile will be downloaded to your offline scanner during the next sync.

Want to check the status of the sync? Go to Scans > Appliances and choose Edit from the Quick Actions menu for your offline scanner. The sync status appears under Option Profile Sync.

Do you want to change the friendly name?Do you want to change the friendly name?

The friendly name helps you identify your appliance. We'll assign one automatically and you can change it at any time. Go to Scans > Appliances, hover over your appliance and select Edit.

Give Unit Managers permission to manage offline scannersGive Unit Managers permission to manage offline scanners

By default, Unit Managers do not have permission to add, edit or delete offline scanner appliances. You can give a Unit Manager this permission by editing the user's account and selecting the option "Manage offline scanner appliances".


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Tip Your account can include a mix of physical, virtual and offline scanner appliances.