Start a PCAP Scan

With a PCAP Scan you’ll get vulnerability scan results plus a PCAP (Packet Capture) file that contains all TCP network traffic captured between the scanner and the target host.

How do I get the PCAP Scanning feature?How do I get the PCAP Scanning feature?

The PCAP Scanning feature must be enabled for your account. Please contact your Technical Account Manager or Support if you would like have this feature turned on.


It's simple to start your scan. Go to VM/VMDR > Scans > New > PCAP Scan, and tell us:

1) which IP to scan,

2) which scan options to use, and

3) which scanner is right for the job.

The option profile you choose determines the depth of the scan. If you're not sure which options to use, start with the default profile. We provide "Initial Options" to get you started. This profile has the most common settings and should meet most of your needs.

Authenticated Scan - To use host authentication, make sure you choose an option profile that has authentication enabled and make sure the IPs you want to scan are included in authentication records. At scan time, we'll use the information provided in your records to log into the target hosts.

A scanner appliance is required for a PCAP scan. Be sure your scanner has the latest updates. You’ll need scanner version 7.19.10 or later.

Important - The scanner appliance you use will not be available for any other scan tasks until your PCAP scan is finished. Scan processing may be delayed for other scans.


How do I know when the scan is done? You'll know when the scan status shows "Finished". At this time you can select View from the Quick Actions menu to see the full results in an HTML report. If you have notifications turned on you'll get an email.

When can I run reports? We'll merge (process) your scan results into your account. Watch for the solid green circle Scan Finished, Results Processed Icon to know the results are processed. Then you're ready to create reports based on the most recent scan findings.

Learn more about scan results

Choose PCAP File from the Quick Actions menu when your scan is finished. After 7 days the file is no longer available for download and the link will be disabled.

You’ll need a PCAP Viewer to read file contents.

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