User Permission for Role Creation 

Depending on the roles and permissions assigned, the user can perform actions like accessing UI and viewing various tabs. Roles and permissions are assigned to the user from the Administrator module. We have provided some pre-created user roles. Depending on the role you choose, you get the associated set of permissions. You can create users and then assign a role to them to grant access as per the role you define. We support multiple user roles.

To access the permission while role creation,

  1. Navigate to the Administration app > Role Management > New Role.
  2. Enter Role Details.
  3. Select UI Access and API Access as per your requirements.
  4. Select the OT Permissions as needed.

The following table shows permissions for roles and their significance.

Permissions for Roles
UI Access
OT UI Access Allows the user to access VMDR OT UI.
OT Vulnerabilities Access  Allows the user to access the Vulnerability tab.
Import OT OCA File Access Allows the user to access the Import Assets tab.
OT Network View Access Allows the user to access Network tab.
OT Asset Update Access Allows the user to update the assets.
API Access
OT API Access

Allows the user to access VMDR OT APIs.

Refer to the VMDR OT API User Guide for details on Endpoints and  samples.

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