Zero-Touch Patch Job

The Zero-Touch Patch Job option allows you to create an automated job to proactively patch current and future Windows vulnerabilities based on the criteria selected while generating the Prioritization report. Save a lot of time and effort by setting a recurring schedule for the Zero-Touch patch job, and you don't need to worry about remediating the future vulnerabilities for real-time threats. For more information, see VMDR Prioritization Report.

To learn more about Zero-Touch Patch Job, watch the following video:



Note: The Zero-Touch Patch option is enabled only for patches available at Qualys and if you have Patch Management app enabled in your subscription.



Currently, the Zero-Touch Patch option only allows you to create a Windows Patch job. Simply select the Zero-Touch Patch Job option from the Patch Now menu to create a job.

Zero-Touch Patch Job

When you click the Zero-Touch Patch job option, a new Create Windows Deployment Job page will open in the Patch Management App. The job title is pre-populated.

Create Job

The assets are populated based on the asset tags selected while generating the Prioritization report. You can add or exclude asset tags for the job.

On the Select Patches page, the QQL is pre-populated based on the RTIs that you select while generating the Prioritization report. You can edit the query, but you cannot switch to the Manual Patch selection option for a Zero-Touch patch job.


You can set the schedule with the recurring frequency based on your preference to ensure all future vulnerabilities in your environment are remediated automatically. For more information, see Managing Patch Jobs for Windows Assets topic in the Patch Management online help.