Prioritize your Vulnerabilities

VMDR Prioritization identifies and remediates the vulnerabilities that pose risk to your organization and business. The Prioritization process correlates the vulnerability information with threat intelligence and asset context to zero in on the highest risk vulnerabilities.  

The VMDR Prioritization report:

  •  Guides you to focus resources in the right area to first patch the highest risk vulnerabilities.  
  •  Increases the security posture of your organization by identifying and remediating the vulnerabilities that are likely to get exploited in the wild by threat actors.
  •  Empowers security analysts to pick and choose the relevant threat indicators. For example, if an organization has financial data of users, they can prioritize vulnerabilities based on the ‘High Data Loss’ indicator to first identify and remediate vulnerabilities that may result in data exfiltration if exploited.  
  •  Helps you identify the specific patch that fixes a particular vulnerability.
  •  Reduces remediation time by detecting the patch to be deployed from the same platform in an integrated workflow at the click of a button (if the Patch Management app is enabled in your subscription).
  •  Includes only the confirmed vulnerabilities.

Prioritization Modes

We provide you with the following two options to prioritize the remediation of vulnerabilities based on: