Tell me about my dashboard

Your dashboard is a great place to get an overall picture and up to date view of your web applications and security events discovered by WAF. This is populated once we start monitoring your web applications.

What is an event?

An event is a violation of the security policy associated with the web application.

Activity Timeline

Tip - Hover over the timeline to see the number of hits (web requests) recorded on a given date/time.

What are Hits?What are Hits?

A hit is a web request. The number of hits shown under Web Application Statistics is the total number of requests recorded for the selected web applications during the selected timeframe.

Web Application statistics

Tell me about blocked EventsTell me about blocked Events

Events that the service blocked based on settings in the security policy associated with the web application.

Tell me about Client BandwidthTell me about Client Bandwidth

Client Bandwidth is the bandwidth (bytes) used between the web client and the WAF service.

Top Events Traffic Origins

This map shows the geographic origins of the events detected on web applications shown. Mouse over the origin dots to display details: location, severity and number of events.

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