Start protecting your web applications now

Web Application Firewall (WAF) is our next-generation cloud service that brings an unparalleled combination of scalability and simplicity to web app security. We'll help you get started quickly.


What are the steps?

1) Create a WAF cluster. Add a new WAF cluster to register WAF appliance(s) to the Qualys Cloud Platform. Learn more

2) Add a Web application. For each Web application, specify the application details, SSL certificates, server pools, HTTP profile, healthcheck profile, and the security policy. Learn more

3) Configure WAF appliances. Deploy a virtual WAF appliance to monitor your Web application. We provide appliances for Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Hyper-V, and VMware - vCenter on a server or docker (container). Learn more

4) We're now monitoring your web applications! Check out security events we've found. Learn more

Did you know? You can change the first page that appears when you access the WAF app. Just choose Home Page under your user name (in the top right corner).