Tell me about the Scorecard Report

The Scorecard Report allows you to report on the security status of one or more web applications in your account. We provide an interactive workflow for creating reports, filtering the content, downloading the report and applying tags.

I'm ready to create my report. What are the steps?

Go to Reports and:

1) select New Report (or click the + button at the top right),

2) select the report type Scorecard Report, and

3) click Finish.

Want to customize your report?

No problem. You can quickly create a report template. Learn more

Will the report include all my web applications?

Select "All" to include web applications that match all of the tags listed. Select "Any" to include web applications that match at least one of the tags listed. Add tags to the "Exclude" section to skip web applications from the scan.

Tell me about the Last Scan Date filter

Use this option to filter web applications based on the last scan date. Click in the Select a date field and use the date picker. You can limit the report to web applications last scanned today; within the last week or month; on, before or after a specific date; or within a specific date range. For example, select a timeframe like June1, 2018 - June 30, 2018 to only include web applications that were last scanned between those dates. If a web application was last scanned before June1 or after June 30 then it will not be included.

Please note:

When you choose one of the "Previous" options we'll start with the current date and count backwards to get the date range.

Previous Week = the last week starting from Sunday to Saturday
Previous Month = the last month starting from 1st to end of the month

Tell me about the results

The Results section shows details about your catalog entries in these categories: New, Approved, Rogue, Ignored and In Subscription.

Manage Your Reports

Learn how to view detection results, download and save reports, export detection results, view vulnerability status and much more. Learn more