Tell me about the Web Application Report

The Web Application Report shows the security status of one or more of your web applications. We provide an interactive workflow for creating reports, filtering the content, downloading the report and applying tags.

I'm ready to create my report. What are the steps?

Go to Reports and:

1) select New Report (or click the + button at the top right),

2) select the report type Web Application Report,

3) tell use the web application(s) you want to report on, and

4) click Finish.

Want to customize your report?

No problem. You can quickly create a report template. Learn more

What is the maximum size supported for reports downloaded in PPT, HTML, and CSV formats?

The maximum size that is supported for reports downloaded in these formats is 128 MB.

Can I create a report from the web applications list?

How many web applications can I include in a report?

Number of Web Applications

Online Report

Download Report

Less than or equal to 100



101 to 500



More than 500



How can I use tags to  include web applications in the report?

Select "All" to include web applications that match all of the tags listed. Select "Any" to include web applications that match at least one of the tags listed. Add tags to the "Exclude" section to skip web applications from the scan.

How do I remove a vulnerability from my report?

Mark it as ignored:

1) Click a vulnerability instance to display details,

2) Click the Ignore link beside the vulnerability status in the upper right corner,

3) Select a reason (False Positive, Risk Accepted or Not Applicable), and

4) Enter a comment to support your reason. The ignored vulnerability's status label is grayed out in the current report and, by default, the vulnerability will not appear in future reports on the same web application.

Can I un-ignore a vulnerability?

Can i schedule reactivation of a vulnerability?

Manage Your Reports

Learn how to view detection results, download and save reports, export detection results, view vulnerability status and much more. Learn more