Tell me about scan status

You'll see the scan status in the scans list, in the scan preview, in scan results and your reports.

Submitted  A scan request was submitted, and the scan has not started yet.

Running  The scan is in progress.

Finished  The scan completed successfully. For a vulnerability scan, the full scan results include vulnerability detection data, if any. For a discovery scan, the full scan results include discovery detection data, if any. In case of Multi-Scan, the parent scan may display the Finished status if one of the child scan ends with any status except Time Limit Reached.

Finished  The scan is finished, but authentication was requested and was not successful. Click here for help with troubleshooting

Time Limit Reached (in case of Multi-Scan, applicable only for child scan) The scan duration reached the time limit either due to "Cancel After X hours" setting or Scan Time Limit specified in your subscription (maximum 24 hours by default). The scan result contains all information and vulnerabilities that the scan has been able to collect and detect.

Time Limit Reached  The scan ends due to lack of time as defined in the "Cancel At X Time" setting. The scan result does not include any data. In case of Multi-Scan, if one of the child scan ends with Time Limit Reached, the parent scan will display the same status.

Processing...  Our service is currently processing the scan results.

No Host Alive  The scan did not find the host to be up and running. Scan results are empty. Click here for help with troubleshooting

No Web Service  The scan returned QID 150111 HTTP Service Detection Failure. Scan results will include any information gathered data collected.

Service Errors Detected  The scan stopped before completion due to service errors related to timeouts during the scan, for example exceeding connection timeouts or error threshold.

Scanner Not Available The scan could not be initiated due to Unavailability of scanner. The scan result does not include any data.

Error  An error occurred during the scan. Please try to run this scan again and contact your account manager if this error persists. Learn more

Canceling A user has chosen to cancel the scan and our service is in the process of canceling.

Canceled  The scan has been manually canceled by the user.

Canceled With Results  The scan has been manually cancelled by the user and the partial scan data is available in scan report.