Schedule a web application scan

Schedule web application scans to run automatically, on a regular basis. This way you always have the most up-to-date security information in your account.

A few things to consider...

Have you thought about which hosts you want to scan and which options you want to use? We can help you sort this out quickly - review the basics for some ideas.

Scanning - The Basics

Get started

Go to Scans > Schedules, select New Schedule and choose Discovery Scan or Vulnerability Scan.

Tell us:

- which web application to scan,

- which scan options to use (we recommend the default profile to start),

- which scanner is right for the job (if you have scanner appliances that is),

- when and how often you want to scan. Learn about scheduling settings

Check out your scan results

Each time your scheduled scan starts, it will appear on your Scan list like an on-demand scan. When the scan status shows Finished, select View Report from the Quick Actions menu to see the full results in a scan report. If you have notifications turned on you'll get an email.

Verify that authentication worked

The scan preview and results tell you whether authentication was successful. If authentication was successful, the authentication record name appears in green. If not successful, the name appears in red. Learn more

Get access to your schedules

Download your schedules to iCalendar format and import them into your favorite  calendar application. Learn more

Do you want to create reports on your scans?

Launch a scan report on any number of scans that target the same web application. Once the report is created, you can edit the settings and apply content filters. Learn more

Looking for something else?

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