Remote Cloud Agent for Windows Log Collection

A Remote Log Collection is an opt-in feature with which you can allow Qualys Support to retrieve the Cloud Agent log files and send the files to the Qualys Cloud Platform for debugging purposes.

This feature helps to reduce time to resolution for the support cases, especially where the users are remote, and Qualys admins do not have access to the end systems on which Cloud Agent for Windows is installed.

By default, this feature is enabled. Only the user with a CA Manager role can disable this feature for their subscription. 

To disable the feature, click Help > Remote Log Collection

remote log collection feature

You can view the Remote Log Collection enabled by default.

by default enabled remote log collection feature

Turn the Remote Log Collection toggle off. The remote log collection is disabled. 

Note: If the feature is disabled from your end, it cannot be enabled by Qualys backend. You can enable the feature from the Cloud Agent application. This provides you with control over the Remote Log Collection feature.

If Qualys Support tries to collect log files while the feature is disabled, the following error message is displayed:
'Remote log collection is disabled for the subscription'.

Note: The Remote Log Collection feature is available with Qualys Cloud Agent Windows 5.0 or Qualys Cloud Agent Linux 5.6.