Manage Activation Keys

The Activation Keys tab is where you can manage activation keys and install agents using these keys.


Tell me about activation keys

An activation key is used to install agents This provides a way to group agents and bind them to your account. By default an activation key is unlimited - it allows you to add any number of agents at any time.

What about expiration? By default we'll generate an activation key that is unlimited and it never expires. You can set limits for the maximum number of agents and/or the expiration date. If both are set, the key will expire when the first limit is reached.

What happens to my agents if the activation key limit is reached? Your newly provisioned agents will be revoked.

Tag agents by key Add tags (without dynamic tag rules) to your activation key and we'll automatically add the same tags to agents installed using that key. This helps you  to easily find agents installed using a key. Tell me moreTell me more

This helps you identify agents for different purposes and teams. For example you could add a tag for system administrators of critical external facing systems so they can easily find those servers for different reports and dashboards.

Good to Know Your agents will be tagged only when you add tags without dynamic tag rules to your keys.

Enable apps by key Just select from apps enabled in your subscription (i.e. VM, PC, FIM etc). We'll activate agents for the selected apps moving forward (i.e. newly installed agents) and license counts will be updated.

Can I update my activation key? Yes sure. Select the key from your list and choose Edit from the Quick Actions menu. You can change the title, associated tags, enable/disable apps and set limits.

Apply changes to all agents - when editing activation key Select this option and changes will be applied to all your agents and might take some time to reflect in your account. Learn moreLearn more

Things to know before applying changes to all agents

- Appliance changes may take several minutes
- We might need to reactivate agents based on module changes

Delete and Disable options The options Delete, Disable/Enable will be available depending on the key settings, on the Quick Actions menu and Actions menu. The Delete option removes the selected key from your account - this is possible only if the key has no active agents associated with it. What happens if I disable a key? You can still view the key, but you can't edit the key or install agents using the key. If a disabled Activation key is utilized during the initial install of a new Cloud Agent, provisioning will fail and Agent Provision status will report an HTTP 404 response. You can locate the disabled activation key under Agent Management > Activation Keys by filtering Status as 'Active' and Enabled as 'No'.

Want to update multiple activation keys at once? No problem, mark the checkboxes next to the keys you want to update and select an option from the Actions menu. The options Delete, Enable/Disable will be available depending on the key settings. If any key has an agent the Delete option is not available.

Activation Key Permissions Managers are granted all Activation Key Permissions by default. You might want to grant subusers these permissions. Learn more

Network support in agent activation key  There are multiple supporting networks available for Agent key activation. You can choose the network from the Activation Key window. Learn more