Mandate Reports

Mandates are regulatory requirements, best practice standards or compliance frameworks designed by Security/business driven certification communities and/or government bodies.

Launch the Mandate Based Report to view the organization's compliance posture in terms of the underlying Security baseline against selected Mandates. This allows you to choose any mandates you must comply with and get a view of compliance posture in terms of their selected policies.

We support report generation of policies and mandates for all the cloud providers we support: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

What are Mandates?What are Mandates?

A mandate has a set of requirements that may include one or more levels of sub-requirements. These requirements contain control objectives, and the control-objectives have sub-control objectives or controls. View the supported List of Mandates.

Can I edit the Mandates?Can I edit the Mandates?

No, the mandates are pre-defined and cannot be edited.

Can I select multiple Mandates?Can I select multiple Mandates?

You can select only one mandate in a report template.

How to generate Report?How to generate Report?

It's easy to create a custom report template.

1) Just go to Reports > On-Screen Reports > Create New Template. Show meShow me

Option to create new report template.

2) Provide a title and description (optional) to the report. Show meShow me

Basic information required during new report template creation.

3) Select the cloud provider for which you want to generate the mandate report.

4) Select the Execution Type  – Runtime or Buildtime.

5) Select the Mandate in the Report Type and then click Next.

-Select the Policy from the drop-down. You can select multiple policies.

-Select the Mandate from the drop-down. You can select only one mandate.

6) Select the tags, connector, or combination of tags and connector you want to evaluate for compliance. Show meShow me

Account or Connector selection.

7) Review the configured report template settings in the Summary and then click Create Template and Run Report. Show meShow me

Summry of the report template configuration.

Manage Your On-Screen Reports

Sample ReportSample Report

Sample Mandate based report.