Assign Role to Users

(Managers) Use the Administration utility (last option in the app picker) to view and manage users and grant access to the TotalCloud application. You'll see the apps each user can access on the User Management tab. Access is role-based.

You can also refer to the online help available in the Administration utility for detailed information.

Tell me the steps

In the Administration utility, go to Users > Role Management. This is where you create new roles and change the permissions for existing ones. You can also quickly assign roles to users from here.

Don't see this tab? You need to have 1) full permissions and scope, or 2) a role with the "Access Role Management Section" permission enabled in the Administration utility.

Tell me about various roles?

You can configure two types of user roles:

-User with all privileges: We provide a predefined role named "TOTALCLOUD user". Assign the role to the required user and the user is granted full access in TotalCloud. Learn more

-User with Reader privileges: The user with Reader role can only view the data displayed in TotalCloud module. Click New Role. Give the role a name and description, and then select the modules and permissions to privileges be granted to a user when the role is assigned. Learn more

How do I assign roles to users?

Select the role you want to assign and choose "Add To Users" from the Quick Actions menu. Then, select which users should be assigned the role and click Save. You can remove roles from users similarly - select the action Remove From Users.

How do I edit a role?

Select any role in the list and choose Edit from the Quick Actions menu.

You can change the role name and description and edit the assigned permissions. Any changes you make to a role will apply to all users assigned that role.

Warning - Be careful when removing the UI access permission from a role. A user cannot log into the UI if they don't have at least one role with the UI access permission assigned.

Tell me about permissions

When you're editing the permissions for a role, you'll notice that you can define application access, modules to be accessible, and permissions within the module for the users with the current role. Currently, you can configure two types of users. Depending on the permissions you assign to the role, you could categorize the users with all permissions or read only permissions.

Ensure that you have assigned TotalCloud module to be accessible for the users. Click the title of a group to expand its permissions. Then select the permissions you want to assign to the role.

- All privileges: User will have all the privileges in TotalCloud except creating and managing other users.
Permissions to be configured for sub user


- Reader privileges: User with Reader role can only view the data displayed in TotalCloud module.
Permissions to be configured for reader role.


Add / Remove permissions for multiple roles at once

You can add or remove permissions from multiple roles in a single action. Select the roles you want to change and then select Add Permissions or Remove Permissions from the Quick Actions menu. Then tell us which permissions the action applies to and click Save.

Can I delete a role?

Yes. Select the role and choose Delete from the Quick Actions menu. The role you delete will no longer be assigned to users. It is removed automatically from all users' accounts (that had it previously assigned) and those users will no longer have the permissions granted by the role.

Note: If you edit permissions for a pre-defined role or delete a pre-defined role, the user associated with the roles you edit can experience difference in access behavior.