Behavioral Scan

Behavioral scan protects from threats that elude even the heuristic engine and provides on-execute protection capabilities that automatically discover and block attacks at the pre-execution and execution stages.

Behavioral Scan is divided into the following sections- 

  • Action- You can choose any of the following actions of detection:-
    • Block the application only
    • Disinfect: block and disinfect the application
    • Audit Only: File/Application will not be blocked
  • Behavioral Score Threshold- You can choose any of the following actions if the threshold score exceeds:-
    • High (aggressive mode – prone to more false positives)
    • Medium
    • Low (less aggressive mode – less false positives)
  • Fileless Attack Protection- Select Fileless Attack Protection to allow Qualys to automatically discover and block fileless attacks at the pre-execution stage. 
    • Antimalware Scan Interface Security Provider
    • Report analysis results to Antimalware Scan Interface

Behavioral Scan toggle.

After you provide information in the Behavioral Scan, click Next to proceed to the fifth step - Network Protection