Network Protection

Configure your preferences regarding network protection for user activity, including web browsing, email and software applications, and detection of network attack techniques that try to gain access on specific endpoints. You can restrict or allow web access and application usage and configure traffic scan and antiphishing.

By default, Network Protection is enabled. It has the following sections- 

  • Enable SSL- Select Enable SSL to monitor HTTPs traffic. 
  • Scan Traffic- Choose Deny or Report options by selecting any of the following settings for antimalware traffic scan: 
    • Enable anti-malware for web traffic (http)
    • Enable anti-malware for incoming emails (POP3)
    • Enable anti-malware for outgoing emails (SMTP)
  • Enable Anti-phishing- Select the Enable Anti-phishing to block known phishing or fraudulent web pages. Choose Deny or Report Only options.

After you provide information in the Network Protection, click Next to proceed to the sixth step - Network Attack Defense