Tell me about the SCAP Policy XML Report

The SCAP Policy XML Report shows your organization's compliance with a selected SCAP policy. SCAP compliance information for the individual hosts contained in the selected policy is provided. The SCAP Policy XML Report constrains the portion of the XCCDF specification dealing with XCCDF test results. Learn more about XCCDF

The TestResult element encapsulates the result of applying a SCAP policy (benchmark) to one target system. Learn more

Our cloud security service does not evaluate rules in a SCAP policy that have one of these XCCDF test results: "notapplicable", "notchecked", "notselected" or "informational".

Tell me about the XML outputTell me about the XML output

The SCAP Policy XML Report is based on an internal, hidden template that is provided by the service. The template for this report cannot be edited by the user.

XML is case-sensitive. The XML syntax for XCCDF follows a common convention for representing object-oriented data models in XML: elements that correspond directly to object classes in the data model have names with initial caps.


Did you Know?

You can run your SCAP policy report in CSV format to import the data to external systems or to open the data in spreadsheet format. Simply choose the CSV format when running your report.