Configure Scan Schedules for Policy Compliance

It's easy to schedule compliance scans so they will start automatically. We recommend you configure schedules to run on a recurring basis (daily, weekly or monthly) so you'll be able to monitor your compliance status over time.

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Policy Compliance (PC) Scans

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Schedules - The Basics

Click here to get help with scheduling settings, starting/stopping scans, email notifications, and more.

Download the schedule scans list - You can download any data list within the UI in order to view your configurations outside of the product.

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Sometimes the service deactivates schedules. Learn whySometimes the service deactivates schedules. Learn why

The service will automatically deactivate tasks in certain cases like these:

1) There were account configuration changes that impact the schedule, like changes to available assets, asset groups, option profiles and users.

2) A user canceled a running scheduled scan instance when the schedule was defined with the occurrence "Relaunch on Finish".

Schedules are deactivated by the service so you can evaluate the settings and make adjustments if necessary. Once your scan is properly configured with valid configurations you can activate the task by clearing the check box "Deactivate this task".