Start CertView scans

Launch CertView scans and start getting up to date view on your certificates and security posture using Qualys Certificate View!

Note: CertView scan option is visible only if CertView is turned on in your subscription.

Introducing Certificate View

- Discover, inventory, monitor certificates, host configurations & vulnerabilities

- Vulnerability analysis and grading makes all relevant info available to you (host/port/service/certificate)

- Cloud CertView Vulnerability scanning can be done on EC2 hosts and hosts that have a cloud agent.


Let’s launch a CertView scan


New CertView Scan Option

Be sure to add the assets you wish to scan to your CertView license (under Assets > Host Assets).

Note: If Asset Group Management Service (AGMS) is enabled for your subscription, you will see the Address Management tab instead of Host Assets. To understand the changes that happen when AGMS is enabled for your subscription, refer to Introducing AGMS.

Then go to Scans > Scans > New > CertView Scan (or Schedule CertView Scan).

Click here for help with scheduling

CertView Scan Settings: Option Profile and Scanner Appliance

Choose your scan settings.

(1) We recommend the Initial Options profile to get started. You can easily configure a profile with the various scan options, i.e. what ports to scan, whether to use authentication, and more.

Choosing an option profile

CertView scans always use these QIDs. Refer to 

Vulnerability tests (QIDs) for CertView scans

(2) If you have installed scanner appliances for internal scanning you have a few options. Pick one scanner, build a list, or use all scanners in the target asset groups, tag sets or network.

External scanners are always available to scan your perimeter. Just choose External from the Scanner Appliance menu.

CertView Scan Settings: Click Assets under Target Hosts

Identify your scan target.

(3) Click Assets to select a combination of asset groups, IP addresses, FQDNs.


- OR -


CertView Scan Settings: Click Tags under Target Hosts

(4) Click Tags to select one or more asset tags to scan.

Use IP Network Range Tags - This option lets you scan all IPs defined in a tag with the IP address tag rule even if the IPs don't already have the tag assigned to them. We'll apply the tag to each IP that doesn't already have it.


That's it - just click Launch and you're done!  


Scans list with scan status

You’ll see your scan in the scans list.

Scan Finished, Results Processed Icon - Results are processed and available in your account

Scan Finished, Results Not Processed Icon - Scan is completed but the results are not processed. Go to Filters > Processing Tasks to see the status.

Check out Certificate View


Choose Certificate View from the app picker.

Your Certificate View dashboard gives you all info relevant to you about your certificates, host configurations and vulnerabilities.

Sample Certificate View dashboard