Configure scan settings

An option profile provides scan settings that you'll choose at scan time. We recommend "Initial WAS Options" to get started.

Create an option profile

1) Go to Configuration > Option Profiles > New Profile.

2) Enter the settings for your option profile. Tip - Turn on help tips in the wizard title bar. You'll set up scan parameters and define what detection tests will be performed (all available or custom list).

3) Launch a scan and select your option profile in the scan settings.

Check out: Manage your Option Profiles | Brute Force Lists | Search Lists | Parameter Sets | DNS Override | Appliances | Global Settings

I already have an option profile. How do I edit it?

Go to Configuration > Option Profiles, hover over the option profile and choose Edit from the Quick Actions menu. Use the wizard to edit the settings. Tip - Turn help tips on in the wizard title bar for help with the settings.

Can I define a default option profile for the subscription?

Yes as long as your account has full permissions and scope. Just select the setting "Make this the default option profile for the subscription". Once selected, we'll select the default automatically each time you launch a scan, unless another option profile is defined for the target web application. (You can still choose to override the default in your scan settings.)

How do I make the profile available to others?

Apply tags to an option profile to make it available to other users. Users with a tag in their scope that matches a tag applied to an option profile will be able choose that profile for scans.