Getting Started with FIM

Built on our revolutionary Cloud Agent technology, Qualys File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) logs and centrally tracks file change events across your global IT assets. We'll help you get started quickly.

Helpful resources: FIM Getting Started Guide | Troubleshooting

Start Here

These tutorials will help you start tracking file change events in minutes.

Install Cloud Agents (using the CA app)

Enable FIM in a CA configuration Profile (using the CA app)

Configure FIM Profile

Configure Correlation Rules to Auto Create Incidents

Configure Rule-Based Alerts for Events and Incidents

Check for events

The search box on the Events tab gives you the power and flexibility to search all your events instantly and investigate details about them.

View FIM events

View assets impacted by FIM events

Track Incidents

How to Search

Step by Step Tutorial

Create reports

Creating Reports

Customizable dynamic dashboards

Dynamic dashboards help you visualize your event data and get up to date views of your assets in real-time. Add widgets with search queries to see exactly what you're interested in.

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