Viewing Windows Patch Failure Error Code Details

For Windows patch failure, you can view the exit codes that are part of the error codes. As a result, you get visibility into the root cause of the patch failure and the possible solution to fix the issue.

1.  Go to the Jobs tab, click View Progress from the "Quick Actions" menu, and then click the Failed Patches count from the “Job Progress” page.

Job Progress page.

2.  Click the Error Details link under the Reason column from the “Patches for Job” page. You can see the 'Failure Details' popup.

Error Details link. 

Failure Details popup.

3.  Click the Exit Code from the Error Codes section. You can see the  “Exit Code” popup. In this popup, you can see the possible root cause and possible solution to fix the issue. See Patch-Specific Failure Reason Codes for Windows to learn more about the exit codes. 

Exit code popup.