Cloning Your QFlows

Cloning QFlows is a faster way to address multiple similar use cases, saving you the effort of creating separate QFlows from scratch.

A single QFlow can be cloned multiple times and edited to suit your requirements. You can now create an exact copy of your QFlows using the Clone function without the connector details.

The cloned QFlow is named as the original QFlow with _cloned_ timestamp appended. After cloning a QFlow, you can change its name by clicking on the current name and editing it. When cloning AWS_DB_Instances, the resulting QFlow is named AWS_DB_Instances_cloned_1690881080384. This naming convention is followed for all cloned QFlows.

Follow these steps to clone QFlows:

1. Navigate to the QFlows tab, select the QFlows you want to clone, and click Clone from the Actions menu.

A list of QFlows that are cloned is displayed.

2. Click OK to continue the export process.

QFlows are cloned.

After cloning your QFlows, customize them by configuring connectors and HTTP authentication details.

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