Qualys Containerized Scanner Appliance

Qualys Containerized Scanner Appliance (QCSA) enables users to scan networks in a containerized form factor. It helps deploy the same network scanning capabilities of virtual and physical scanners on a Docker container. QCSA amalgamates the speed, flexibility, standardization, and efficiency of Docker containers with trust, security, stability, and wide vulnerability coverage of Qualys network scanners.

Once subscribed, you will be able to perform the following:

This enables you to manage your appliances better and ensure an organized list of your scanner appliances.

Benefits of using Qualys Containerized Scanner Appliance

What do I need to use the Qualys Containerized Scanner Appliance?

The Qualys Containerized Scanner option must be enabled for your account. Contact Qualys Support or your Technical Account Manager if you would like us to turn on this option for you.

You must be a Manager or a sub-user with the “Manage containerized scanner appliances” permission. This permission may be granted to Unit Managers. Your subscription may be configured to allow this permission to be granted to Scanners.

Quick Links

QCSA User Guide