Tell me about notifications

You can go to your user settings to choose the notifications you want to receive. If you're a Manager user, you can choose notifications for other users.

The notifications available depend on several factors like subscription settings and user role.

The Scan Summary email tells you when the results from a vulnerability scan have been processed and are ready to be included in reports. The email includes vulnerability trend information based on the processed results including the total number of new, reopened, active and closed vulnerabilities. Please keep in mind that this email includes trend data, not the actual scan results.

Managers will receive this email for all completed and processed vulnerability scans. Other users receive this email only for scans launched on their asset groups. This notification is available if New Scanner Services is enabled for your subscription.

The Scan Complete email notification informs users when a scan task is finished (or is paused or canceled). It includes details about the scan and a link to the results. This notification option applies to all scan types.

Managers will receive this email for all completed scans and Auditors will receive this email for all completed compliance scans. For other users, this email is sent only for scans launched on your asset groups (groups assigned to you or created by you). See the following:

Scan Complete Email for Vulnerability Scans

Scan Complete Email for Compliance Scans

Scan Complete Email for SCAP Scans

Scan Complete Email for Web Application Scans

The map email tells you when a map task is finished. Managers will receive this email for all completed maps. Other users will receive this email only for maps launched on their asset groups (groups assigned to or created by them). Learn more

(Available in subscriptions with Report Share) The report email notification informs users when a report is finished and available in Report Share. Select "My reports" to receive emails for your own reports only. Select "All reports" (Managers, Auditors and Unit Managers) to receive notifications for reports that you generated and reports generated by other users. Managers will be notified for all reports, Auditors for all compliance reports, and Unit Managers for all reports in their business unit. Learn more

The Latest Vulnerabilities email notification helps users stay informed of new security risks by listing vulnerabilities and potential vulnerabilities added to the KnowledgeBase. With this information, users can immediately launch scans against the most current issues. The email includes a .csv file attachment with more details about each QID. When sent weekly, the email lists all vulnerabilities added since the previous week. When sent daily, it lists all vulnerabilities added since the previous day.

When enabled, the service sends the user a daily trouble tickets email notification. It includes a list of new remediation tickets that have been created and assigned to the user as well as tickets that have been modified since the previous day. Learn more

When enabled, the service sends a Scanner Appliance Heartbeat Check email notification with information about a scanner appliance that missed a set number of heartbeat checks (1-5). To receive this notification for a particular scanner appliance, edit the scanner appliance to enable the notification option on the appliance and define how many missed heartbeat checks must occur before the email is triggered. Learn more

The Latest Controls email notification informs users of changes to technical controls, including new controls that have been added, controls that have been modified, and controls that have been deprecated. When sent monthly, the email lists all controls that changed since the previous month. When sent weekly, it lists all controls changed since the previous week.

This notification informs users about status changes to policy compliance exceptions. You'll be notified of changes to exceptions that you requested and exceptions that have been assigned to you. Notifications are sent when exceptions are requested, accepted, rejected, reassigned and expired.

Want to be notified before an exception expires? Select the option "Notify me N days before exception expires" and choose 1-31 days.


Can I send a customized vulnerability notification to users?

(This is available to Managers and KnowledgeBase Only users, and not available to Express Lite users.)

Yes, we offer a vulnerability email notification that will alert users about new and updated vulnerabilities in the KnowledgeBase. You enable this notification by simply adding search lists to the distribution group. You must also select which condition will result in an email - new vulnerabilities, updated vulnerabilities or both. When a vulnerability (QID) matches the search list and the condition, the group will be notified by email. Vulnerability Notification for Teams PDF Icon

Using distribution groups

You can have certain email notifications sent to a group of people by setting up distribution groups. Go to Users > Distribution Groups and tell us which users / email addresses make up a group. Your distribution group may include email addresses for users in the subscription and for users outside of the subscription.

Want to change contact info in email notifications?

You may want to do this to ensure users are reaching out to the appropriate person or group. Managers can provide a single contact for the subscription, and they can allow Unit Managers to override the contact for each business unit. As a Manager, go to Users > Setup > Email Contact. Then tell us the name and email address to display.