Viewing Script Execution Details

You can view the details of all the scripts executed or tested on each asset along with the output.

To view the details of a script execution job:

1. In the Jobs tab, click on any job. The View Details page displays the list of assets on which the script was executed.


The following details about the script job are displayed:

- Job Finished: Timestamp of the job

- Asset Title: Asset name

- Technology: Platform on which the script is executed

- Execution Status: Status of the script execution job

Note: Status can be the manifest status of the asset. To know more about different manifest statuses, refer to Manifest Status.

- Start Time: Time when the script execution started on the agent

- End Time: Time when the script execution completed on the agent

- Duration: Time taken for the job to complete, in seconds

- Return Code: The statement returned by the agent after executing the script

Following exit codes are returned, 

Status Execution

Return Code


 Returns the exit code o.


Returns to an exit code specific to operating system. 

2. Click any asset to view the output for the asset.

Asset Job Table

The limit for script size and script output size is 500 KB and 1 MB respectively for any asset (Windows and Linux). However, the API Gateway service version that you use must be 2.4.0-7 or later to support 1 MB script output.

Note: According to the CAR Data Retention policy, the jobs and asset jobs will be automatically deleted after 7 days as part of a scheduled job.

Non-QAgent based Assets and corresponding Asset Jobs created will get deleted. These Asset jobs would not run and remain in Manifest_Assigned state. 

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