Create Dashboard using Templates

Unified Dashboard provides you with different dashboard templates. We provide with ready to use templates for dashboards that you could quickly add to your list of dashboards and start monitoring your assets.

Perform the following steps to create dashboard using templates:

  1. On the Dashboard page, click the Tools Tools menu menu and select Create New from the menu. You can also click the The add dashboard icon on the dashboard page icon to create a new dashboard from the Dashboard picker
    Dashboard picker
  2. Click the Module for which you want to build the dashboard.
  3. For the template you want to use, click Use template.

    Use Template option

  4. On the New Dashboard page, the Name and Dashboard Description are pre-populated. Based on your preference, you can modify the details.
    Template example

     If the dashboard name already exists in the Recycle Bin, you can not create a new dashboard with the same name until the existing dashboard is permanently deleted. To permanently delete a dashboard see, Recycle Bin

  5. Click Add tags option icon to select the asset tags that you want to associate with the dashboard. Only the users that are assigned the asset tags will be able to view the dashboard. You can assign asset tags to user using the Administration application. You can use the Default Dashboard Access Tag to allow all users to view the new dashboard.

    If no asset tags are added to the dashboard, only the dashboard creator can view the dashboard. 

  6. Click Use a template, the newly created dashboard gets added on the Dashboard page.

    You could add more widgets to dashboard, edit existing widgets, change the layout of widgets and many more things in your dashboard. To know more about the various actions on widgets, see Manage Widgets.

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