Knowing Widgets

You can create widgets with search queries to see exactly what you're interested in. You can also use our widget templates or import and export widget configurations, allowing you to share them between accounts or within the Qualys community.

Widget Template Library

You could create widgets using existing widget templates, customize existing widgets or build your own widgets from scratch to suit your need. All the widget templates available in your subscription are listed in the widget template library. Learn more

Widget Types

Use a widget type that suits your search query and the data visualization of your information in the widget. We provide the following types of widgets:

- Numerical Widget

- Table Widget

- Bar Widget

- Pie Widget

- Venn Widget (Available only for Vulnerability Management)

- TruRisk Score Widget (Available only for Vulnerability Management)

- Bubble Widget (Available only for Vulnerability Management)


Know More

Create Widgets using Templates

Create Widgets from Scratch

Manage Widgets

Widgets FAQs